Does my child need help?

Does your child have any of these difficulties?


  • Trouble going or staying in school?
  • Poor school performance due to anxiety, worry or fear?
  • Constantly visiting the counselor or school nurse?


  • Trouble being away from mom/dad?
  • Worries about health of loved ones?
  • Needs to always be around you?


  • Trouble being around other children or grown-ups?
  • Difficulty making or keeping friends?
  • Avoids play-dates, sleepovers, after school activities?


  • Headaches or stomachaches from worrying too much?
  • Feels nauseous before leaving the house?

If so, call us at (305)348-1937 or send us a message and we'll contact you. We have an ongoing Clinical Trial that your child may be eligible for.

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