For over 20 years, CAPP has provided children in south Florida with state-of-the-art, scientifically based assessments and treatments. For common signs that a child is suffering from severe anxiety or fears, please see:

Does my child need help?

The treatment we offer at CAPP may involve individual child therapy, group therapy, parent-child therapy, or computer-based treatments. Emphasis is based on having the child engage in gradual exposure to the feared object or event using cognitive behavioral procedures. Families may be compensated for their time participating in assessments. Services are offered in both English and Spanish. Our process begins with a phone screen.

Phone Screen

A phone screen is used to initially ask about your child’s difficulties, and explain what to expect when starting the program. You can call us directly at (305)348-1937 or send us a message and we'll contact you.

Prior to speaking with us, please write down any medication (name brand or generic) that your child is currently taking. For each medication, we will also need to know how much your child is taking and how often, as well as how long your child has been taking the medication.

Assessment and Treatment

Once the phone screen is complete and a child is accepted into the program, the assessment and treatment process begins. This process involves several phases.